Friday, November 28, 2008

Cardboard Art

I'd post a whole lot more if I was the original poster.

You can find the rest at WebUrbanist.


Cave Story Wii

lol, it's kind of sad just updated and they (in my opinion) did a better job than the US site.

For example the Portable ID for the US site looks like this

and the Portable ID for the UK site looks like this

The UK portable ID has a feature to mention what your favorite console is and your current mood (as displayed above), and the site states that "the Portable ID will evolve to include Trophies and achievements, so keep an eye on for updates." It's a bit sad, I can understand the US gets the games first and what not and that Sony UK has to try a bit harder to show that they're worth something but this is a no brainer that the US site should've had down already (I guess I ask for too much from these guys).

Cloud vs Sephiroth

I've got to say the one impressive thing about Dissidia is that it makes me want to play as the old school NES/SNES Final Fantasy characters more than the PlayStation generation of Final Fantasy characters.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving

I can't believe they did this (Rick Roll'D National Television).

I guess this just goes to show, that as the internet becomes more mainstream 4Chan gets more powerful.

Cnet has an article on the event here.

(Kinda put Rick Astley back in business)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Suitcase Bike

Dreamcast PC

This is something I dream of owning, I wonder if it can play Lost Planet Colonies.

From Kotaku

"Tokyo PC shop Tsukumo has gutted the Dreamcast console and stuffed it with all sorts of stuff: a compact Sony NEC Blu-Ray BD-5500A drive, HDMI output, a Western Digital 160GB hard drive, and a MINIX 780G-SP128MB motherboard. The controller plugs have been turned into Flashdrive-friendly USB ports. It runs on Windows XP Professional."

Apparently this thing only cost them $1000 to make.

(These guys have also made a Sega Saturn Pc.)

PlayStation Home from the Eyes of G4

You can watch it larger and in HD here.

And Kanye Says...

"You know people sometimes don't understand great art when they first hear it, but I am very confident in it. Whether it sells as much as the last one, or way more, I feel like I am just successful in doing something I felt really good about."

My thoughts: Confident, Cool but not overly Cocky compared to before. You can't blame him he experiment with something that could have really hurt his career if it didn't work but he wont have to worry about that:
what do other people say?

Astro Boy

Here is a preview for the new
"Astro Boy Movie"
coming soon in 2009.

From what ive seen so far of the movie( which isn't a lot ), it looks good and i got a feeling that it's going to be good for fans of the series who have kids, and regular kids.
You can also expect to see a new Astro Boy game as well.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Speaking of insane ideas

If you're like me you'd remember of a rumor that came up a few months ago of a plan by Google to purchase Valve now not alot of fans of Half Life and Steam took too well to the idea of the search giant buying a company behind one of the best FPS games out there (mostly citing privacy issues) and it ended up being just a rumor anyways.

But now on to the dreaming side of things. I am probably one of the only gamers who thinks that the buyout would've been an awesome idea, for both Google and Valve.

Why? Well for one, tech manager at Valve John Houlihan had mentioned Google is "f***ing massive" which would equal alot for Steam, Steam as of now has a few more registered accounts than the PlayStation Network, with Googles help that could make a leap of almost more than half of that just from a few changes/updates to the platform.

Imagine Steam on Mac or even Linux, two platforms that are known for being deprived of games. Making it to Mac and Linux would inevitably takeover the gaming markets on those platforms.
Then there's also Google accounts which knowing how Google works, would double as Steam accounts which would increase the amount of registered users greatly.
And something that is a big issue in PC gaming and is never really mentioned, cross platform development.
Now what I could see is a platform that doesn't limit developers in the style of Android but by how much power their games are allowed to use. What would I propose? an open-source emulator of an imaginary Google game console that runs a stripped down version of Android for it's firmware and doesn't limit developers from programming whatever language they want on it (allowing them to access the emulated hardware itself) the specs of the console would be a little less than the PSP with a graphics card that varies upon the users settings. Being open-source this imaginary console would be ported to stuff like the GP2X and [unofficially] to the PSP and Wii.

Now this emulator wouldn't be made to replace how the existing games on Steam are made, but it would be there to aid small game developers in making multi-platform games without much work.

Then going on to Kevin Hanna of the failed Google Lively project stating that the gaming industry has a "corporate mentality" and that it's "sucking the life out of what should be the most creative and innovative medium out there". I'd could bet that Google would freely distribute games on the Steam network allowing small developers to sell their games or give them away for free on the Steam content distribution service with a size limit on their game unless they paid some sort of fee or had some sort of deal with Google.

Then the last and possibly the largest feature, the network. Google would open up the Steamworks library even more than Valve did, adding support via several protocols instead of it just being C/C++ code (possibly using OAuth and Jabber/XMPP) and allowing developers to use it in Flash games, game consoles, the iPhone and even Android.

Then the obvious factor of how they would fund most if not all of this. Ads all over the Steam client, website and even within the games, expanding their in game advertising program.

I couldn't even predict what else might have done, maybe they would make open standards for online gaming alike Open Social, or maybe that would be an extension of Open Social, who knows?

Jason Perlow on ZDNets insane idea for Google to make an Android MP3 player.

I love making long headlines.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Google - The new OS

Google recently unveiled a new feature called SearchWiki a simple feature that allows users to create their own search results, look at others custom search results and comment on search results in wiki style (meaning no one's really there to stop them if they're abusing the feature) now all in all this is just one of those features you'd expect from a brand new search engine in order to compete with Google, nothing too original, nothing no one hasn't thought of the only thing that makes this news is the fact that Google did it.

Now on to the main purpose of this post (aka my rant). [I'm in NERD mode as a warning to those who don't care for posts like this]

More and more, Google is becoming my choice for everything, they never cease to amaze me within the span of a few months Gmail has been updated to have themes, Google gadgets, voice and video chat and will at some point have SMS text messaging.

It's gotten to a point where I barely have to leave Gmail (or iGoogle) to do anything anymore. And the more I look at it Google's moving closer to achieving a web os than anyone else in the industry (example).

Ok, enough ranting (I don't want to force it) I just hope they make Gmail, Blogger and iGoogle themes into an open unified format for all of the services (especially in services like Google Reader, Google Reader Shared Items and Google Profiles, or across every service in your Google account).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wii getting better community features

"Nintendo has always had a vision on community... The issue is that we define community differently than our competitors... Our consumers do want a sense of community, and we're going to deliver that--but in a way that is unique to Nintendo."

-Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, in an interview with

For a console like the Wii an update like this is long over due, but no less welcomed. (I could take a guess that this has something to do with channels and alot of optional features)


Monday, November 17, 2008

LMAO (Google Maps)

New X-Box Experience Opening

I've got to say this is pretty hot, though I'm not much of an X-Box fan and this really looks like something that should be played when you turn a Wii on for the first time going by all of the hype behind it.

I feel like there should've been an abstract machine gun firing at every single moving object on the screen to more accurately depict the X-Box 360s game library (maybe that's just me).

(Thanks to Kotaku for the clip)


Peta really knows how to make interesting flash games

Play the full size version on

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Soul Eater

Ok, so in addition to watching Michiko to Hatchin I've just started watching the Soul Eater anime (yea, the manga version is probably better as with all anime, but I'll stick with the anime for now).

I've only seen the first three episodes so far but I must say it's a pretty sick show, it'll take a bit getting used to as it gives off a Kingdom Hearts feel going by how everything is drawn but at the same time it has a bit of that serious Full Metal Alchemist feel (which could come from the fact that it's made by Square-Enixs Gangan manga imprint) check it out.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bring the Pain

Method Man Version

Mindless Self Indulgence Version

Brooklyn Zoo - ODB


Micro Linux PC

"Specs listed for the Digi Connect ME 9210 are said to include:

* Processor -- 32-bit Digi NS9210 75MHz (ARM926EJ-S)
* Security -- On-chip 256-bit AES accelerator
* Memory -- 8MB SDRAM
* Flash -- 4MB or 8MB of NOR flash
* Networking -- 1 x 10/100 Ethernet
* Expansion -- Flexible Interface Modules (FIM) with 300MHz DRPIC165X CPU
* Interfaces:
o High-speed TTL serial
o Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
o I(2)C v1.0 bus with 7- and 10-bit address modes
o 10 x shared GPIO ports with up to 3 external IRQ options
* Power management -- modes for on-the-fly clock scaling, low power sleep, and configurable scaling/wake-up events (EIRQ, UART, Ethernet, etc.)
* Other features -- software watchdog
* Operating temperature -- -40 to 176 deg. F (-40 to 80 deg. C)
* Power -- 3.3VDC @ 346 mA; 1.14 W typical consumption
* Operating systems -- Digi Embedded Linux; NET+OS (ThreadX-based"

(Thanks to and the Wind River blog)

Ok, to stop the YouTube spamming

I think I'll mention Kanye Wests blog. Not because of him, or anything about him directly. Regarding his fans, not all of them now. Just the one's who admire what he does and doesn't understand what he does or doesn't connect with him. Now I'm not saying that I do or anything of that sort to sound like another elitist musician (or nerd for that matter) but I just want to direct your attention to this.

This is something he posted on his blog, now below it a description inscribing.

"The unit is controlled by the BeoSound 5 controller, a rather large "remote" with a 10.4-inch XGA LCD and an aluminum scroll wheel. On the back end there's a 500GB BeoControl 5 music server running Windows XP Embedded with internet connectivity and patent pending intelligent playlist creation. Naturally there are outputs and inputs galore, and it's not just for audio: the box pumps out DVI-I and HDMI, and can play back plenty of video formats."

Cool, yes? It's a remote, for a computer with a 500GB hard drive intended [mostly] for videos.

Now what do most of his comments entail? "Cool", "When is your album coming out", "nice", etc...

I dunno, I really want to just burst out and yell "ignorance, ignorance, ignorance" everywhere, but I won't, I just kinda feel sorry for Kanye, he has his blog and yes people who understand this stuff read it (I don't think it's so hard to understand Windows XP, 10 Inch LCD, DVI-I, HDMI, video formats... lol, you could get more jargon out of an X-Box 360 or a PlayStation 3), but with comments like that as a blogger I'd feel out of touch or misplaced a bit (or some emotion along those lines).

And I know you'd think this wouldn't matter to someone who could sell a million copies of anything and has an album on the way, but I think he still pays attention to all of these things.

Tony Jaa (Ong Bak rehearsals)

This guy's a monster.

At about 1:32 into the video, check out his insane horizontal leap (He could probably cross the street with just one jump, or at least half of it).

Michiko to Hatchin - Ep 1

I'll only post episode 1 just to get you into this anime, I'm not into cheapskates so I suggest you go buy the subs or find some other way to view this anime. Sorry it's just how I work.

Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

Continuing the trend of me posting old skate vids

Team Ice Cream Vol. 1

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Leaders of the new Cool

Leaders of the New Cool

These guys are hip-hop!!! and hella creative, I've got to say this mixtape is a bit exciting to listen to, it makes me look forward to see what hip-hop is going to come up with next. I don't think I need to name anyone on the list for you.

Get the mixtape here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Utada Hikaru & Kingdom Hearts 3

UTADA HIKARU, originally uploaded by rokugatsu1490.

UTADA HIKARU, originally uploaded and edited by rokugatsu1490 aka Kamikaze XK

Will she do it again?
Is a question that many fans of both Utada and Kingdom Hearts are wondering about whether or not she will do the theme song for another Kingdom Heart game. There have been reports that she might not, but I think that's just some trying to make news. Although no official word has come either Utada Hikaru or Square Enix, I feel like its more than likely going to happen.

Now at one point I thought maybe she will come out with her new English album/ song for kingdom hearts wile Kingdom Hearts 3 the game was out. That way Square Enix and Utada Hikaru can both promote each others project. But according to her blog, her English album is coming out late 2009. Too bad it would have been great advertising, her song would be on T.v. commercials, which may have become a even bigger ear worm than Simple and Clean. They would also have a face to put with the song as , her single would be played on music and on radio station, thus getting her the publicity she needs to become a big name in the U.S.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Trailer

I can't say I'm a big Street Fighter fan (though I know the storyline quite well) but I am a big fighting game fan (and RPG fan), I used to play Melty Blood: Act Cadenza, Arcana Heart 2, Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core and King Of Fighters XI at arcades in China town with my friends and a pocket full of singles about to be converted into [Namco] game tokens, and as I see it Street Fighter started this genre so this holds relevance to me (plus I plan to be a game designer someday, so it holds alot of relevance, I know the history of video games like a text book).

But anyways I'm straying off topic, there's a nice Karate Kid reference in this video and the game seems to play just the same as the arcade classic even with the new HD graphics.

~You Cant Watch Mad T.V. SAD!~


Yes, Mad t.v. is going to be canceled, but you can always watch the really good episodes on Comedy Central. But I'm wondering what they will put to replace mad t.v.'s Saturday slot? Cops?

Anyways when you're done whipping the tears from yor eyes away, watch a very funny mad t.v. skit called : .Pizza Hut Twisted Crust Pizza Complete-za Parody.

Monopoly....the movie?

monopoly, originally uploaded and edited by rokugatsu1490. aka Kamikazexk

monopoly, originally uploaded and edited by rokugatsu1490. aka Kamikazexk

It has been announced that Ridley Scott will be assuming the director's chair for an upcoming film version of the famous board game Monopoly. Scott apparently plans to give the film a futuristic-type feel similar to his 1982 masterpiece Blade Runner.

-Scarlett Johannson and Kirsten Dunst have been considered so far to be in the movie.
-maybe even Mr. Turner?(inside joke)

more info

808s and Heartbreak Commercial

I wonder how this album will even survive with all of the leaks.

So far they've leaked on the internet or released as singles:
Love Lockdown
Amazing feat. Young Jeezy
Tell everybody that you know feat. Lil Wayne
Coldest Winter
Anyways feat. Kid Cudi

8 songs out of 12 for his upcoming album, the albums still hot, Ye will probably still hit platinum.

Cloud and Sephiroth in Dissidia: Final Fantasy


A milli

Because I was bored I've posted every version of A Milli I could find on YouTube to make an unofficial A milli database (Why, because I felt like doing it).

If you want to be on this list, post a comment below with a link to a YouTube video of your A milli freestyle (It's as easy as that, and trust me there is alot of publicity in this).

Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne (Freemix)
Cory Gunz
Cory Gunz (2nd time)
Hurricane Chris
Lil Mama
Chris Brown
Rick Ross
Young Cash
Charles Hamilton
Asher Roth
The Game
Mos Def
Gillie Da Kid
Bump J
Jody Breeze
The Pack
Reed Dollaz
Bow Wow
Trey Songz
R. Kelly
LL Cool J
Uncle Murda
Kardinal Offishall
JD Era
El Prezidino
Meek Millz
Lil Crazed
Willy NorthPole
Killa Kyleon
Red Cafe
The 6th man
Lil Chuckee
Scooter Smiff
Rock City
Yung Chi and Infamuz Blayze
Mike B
Big Red
Lil Pro
!D-JAY PRODUCTIONS on paolopardo tv
Chris Brown Brothe
Young Dee Tha Prince
King X
Yung PK
Young Hova (No not Jay-Z)
Young Sha
Yung Khan
Lil Drak
D. Boy
Dale Willet
Yuhng Swagg
Ty$ho n
Yung Bahama
Pretty Rena and La-Mz SpiFF
Mickey (Not Factz or Avalon)
Jaleesa Boone
Young Priest, Synik, J-L.A.W. and A.M.
Afrikan Boy
Mr. Crisis
Dylynn Bailey
Lil Miss Nana
Yung Stet
Jazzell Williams
Christopher Gallant
Young Laid
Young Salo
Rem D
true star
Young Sam
Lil' Man
Lil Jit
Kimik X
lil mill$
Heavy Vee
Big Cheese
Lil JT
fullclip family
Babs from The Band

I'm just your friendly neighborhood good guy providing publicity to all of these rappers who rapped on the A milli beat, I might even alphabetize this (My arms literally hurt from typing all of that, I wonder if all of these guys even deserve the attention they're about to get for this).

The first 6 are the original versions intended for Tha Carter III (as skits).

Lol, Everybody is a rapper, I wonder how long it'll be till they start shutting down all of these videos and YouTube pages for copyright infringement or something around those lines (man Bangladesh must be famous right now, and that was probably the easiest beat he's ever made, still creative though).

And I know I'm late but congrats to Lil Wayne on the success.

Ryu over the years


(I feel like I've been spamming this blog lately)

I plan to do this someday

Gotta love XKCD.

Awesome PSP Radio

Ok, we all know that the PSP has an internet radio feature with the ability to play Shoutcast and Icecast streams.

A site has created what I must say is the best Internet Radio hack I've seen thus far consisting of being able to update itself and having it's own on screen keyboard to replace the built in one by Sony, along with being able to search for music and play individual songs and MSN messenger (though I myself prefer Google Talk, this is just extra). Just point your PSPs internet browser to that site and download the files required.

This is all based on the work of PSP hacker FreePlay, you can get his PSP internet radio hack here.

Oh and don't worry you don't need hacked PSPs to run these. ^_^

(Web Designer Comment: Man I hate the design of the official PSP site, one long ass load time for a flash animation consisting of just a picture of a PSP for all that this could've been done in XHTML, CSS and FLASH)

McDonalds No Logo Restaurant

mcdonalds, originally uploaded by rokugatsu1490.

From SLAMXHYPE by Adam Bryce

No Golden Arches, no clown with giant feet, and only 2 burger options. Over the last few years McDonalds have made an enormous effort to rebrand and reposition themselves in a new marketplace, this move in Tokyo is the biggest move yet. This new Quarter Pounder store front, offers just Quarter Pounders and Quarter Pounders with Cheese, a clean black, red and white fit out, even with new food packaging. I’d be keen to hear what everyone thinks about this.

By The Way: This is first time the people of Japan gets to eat one, and what a way to introduce a burger.

Check out the website here.

Info: Core77.

For Complete Story and More Visit SLAMXHYPE


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Blondie - Rapture

What most don't know is that this was the first Rap song to make it to #1 on the U.S. Hot 100 chart it was also the first rap song to go Gold, lol.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

lol, Kingdom Hearts

I really don't know, I'm having a WTF moment here.

"Creative Procrastinators ( has great Kingdom Hearts news, photos, videos and more"

I don't really mind that we're linked up on a site I've never been too or even heard of before, but what's with the Kingdom Hearts thing, we haven't posted about Kingdom Hearts before (I guess it's time to start).

Kev has posted artwork he did in homage to Utada Hikaru though.

PlayStation Home

I've just thought about it and you may not know what PlayStation Home is.

More info on it here.

Lol, I just realized that I posted something like this before.

Ars Technica goes hands on with PlayStation Home.

Ars Technica goes hands on with PlayStation Home.

Nerding out for a moment regarding OpenID

Because alot of people have to say something bad about Googles OpenID implementation.

(If you don't know what OpenID is go here.)

Friday, November 7, 2008

I've had too much sugar lately

Screw whatever you're doing right now. Music = Truth.

(Pandora meets Last.Fm)
Hype Machine (Lots of music from weblogs all over the internets. If you have an account it'll scrobble to Last.Fm)

There's other sites out there and what not that do better jobs than these sites do (like Skreemr, Songza, Grooveshark, and Seeqpod), but these guys scrobble to Last.Fm and I kinda prefer them, so stfu!!!!!

(and if you're clueless on what and scrobbling is and want to find out more about it, go here.)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama WON Obama WON Obama WON Obama WON!!!

Yea, I know it doesn't fit within the site correctly, if anything just click the link atop this post and view the map on Google.