Tuesday, November 11, 2008

lol, Kingdom Hearts

I really don't know, I'm having a WTF moment here.

"Creative Procrastinators (creativeprocrastinators.blogspot.com) has great Kingdom Hearts news, photos, videos and more" -NoobGlib.com

I don't really mind that we're linked up on a site I've never been too or even heard of before, but what's with the Kingdom Hearts thing, we haven't posted about Kingdom Hearts before (I guess it's time to start).

Kev has posted artwork he did in homage to Utada Hikaru though.

PlayStation Home

I've just thought about it and you may not know what PlayStation Home is.

More info on it here.

Lol, I just realized that I posted something like this before.

Ars Technica goes hands on with PlayStation Home.

Ars Technica goes hands on with PlayStation Home.


Nerding out for a moment regarding OpenID

Because alot of people have to say something bad about Googles OpenID implementation.


(If you don't know what OpenID is go here.)