Thursday, November 20, 2008

Google - The new OS

Google recently unveiled a new feature called SearchWiki a simple feature that allows users to create their own search results, look at others custom search results and comment on search results in wiki style (meaning no one's really there to stop them if they're abusing the feature) now all in all this is just one of those features you'd expect from a brand new search engine in order to compete with Google, nothing too original, nothing no one hasn't thought of the only thing that makes this news is the fact that Google did it.

Now on to the main purpose of this post (aka my rant). [I'm in NERD mode as a warning to those who don't care for posts like this]

More and more, Google is becoming my choice for everything, they never cease to amaze me within the span of a few months Gmail has been updated to have themes, Google gadgets, voice and video chat and will at some point have SMS text messaging.

It's gotten to a point where I barely have to leave Gmail (or iGoogle) to do anything anymore. And the more I look at it Google's moving closer to achieving a web os than anyone else in the industry (example).

Ok, enough ranting (I don't want to force it) I just hope they make Gmail, Blogger and iGoogle themes into an open unified format for all of the services (especially in services like Google Reader, Google Reader Shared Items and Google Profiles, or across every service in your Google account).