Tuesday, January 6, 2009

King Of Fighters XII

I can't say that I'm looking forward to this game that much being that the [initial] roster has been reduced to only including two females, but this video definitely says that this game isn't to be overlooked.

Whatever happened to RnB

Seriously, what happened to RnB yeah it's still here, but it's not as big as it used to be and I haven't heard anything truly innovative in a while.

I dunno, it could just be me.

MacBook Wheel

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Why isn't this feature built into the PSP?

I would pull the whole Sony has a deal with Google couldn't they work something out argument, but they already have a deal with Access Co. who makes the NetFront browser, which has a widget engine, which is used in Sony Bravia television sets and in the Sony Mylo Com-2, so why haven't they made this same widgets feature for the PSP and even the PS3, this would definitely curb everyone's appetite for apps on the PSP and even help Sony compete with the likes of the iPhone.

Plus if the widgets made it to the PSP and PS3, that would mean there would be more for the Sony Mylo Com-2 and the Bravia television sets, along with whatever other Sony products may use this in the future (Vaio laptops and Blu-Ray players maybe?).

Also, why hasn't this guy released at least a beta of his homebrew Google Gadget engine yet?

YouTube Super HD