Saturday, January 26, 2008

I was suppose to be Done with my Essay For English class but instead i found a great article about cologe

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Have a big interview? A potentially huge sales pitch? Going out with friends for a night on the town, or are you lucky enough to have pulled a date out of your hat? Thanks to your own good taste and these fashion files, you are now style-savvy, but what do you splash on before stepping out?

Which one should you wear, and which occasion begs which cologne? Confusing? You bet, but fear not and look no further, for the ultimate guide to some of the best colognes awaits. This will help you determine which one to wear for different events and times of day.

Acqua Di Gio
Giorgio Armani
Interestingly, both the men and women we spoke to really liked this cologne. Aqua di Gio has a strong citrus tone combined with a hint of rosemary and offers a spicy aquatic freshness. Men prefer its summer feel and women like the fresh scent.

Recommended for summer days. Sit on a terrace sipping cocktails or meet up with a business partner on a hot sunny afternoon. Our fashion panel also recommends this with a more casual dress code. Buy it here.
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Dolce and Gabbana
Amongst the newer colognes, Dolce and Gabbana offers a woody yet fruity scent. This fragrance has a hint of peppermint and a whiff of tobacco. Like many other colognes, it will smell drastically different depending on one's natural body aroma.

Recommended for evening dates. Not to be applied on a first date because of its strong scent. If you are going to a crowded place, such as a dance club or bar, this is perfect. D&G suits an elegant look. Not necessarily a suit, but definitely not jeans. Buy it here.
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Cool Water
A classic: cool, refreshing and spicy with a hint of amber and smoothness of lavender. This aroma will drive any woman up the wall. Many women have positive things to say about this cologne.

Recommended for daytime. Either with a suit or casual wear. As you can imagine, it is a subtle aroma perfect for the office or restaurant. Just make sure you have this around the bachelor pad. Buy it here.
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Calvin Klein
Eternity morphs jasmine, sage, basil, and rosewood, and is recommended for daytime wear. Obsession, on the other hand, is very sweet and woody, blending lavender with mandarin and nutmeg, suggested on special occasions.

Recommended for outside wear. A complete scent for a complete man. Buy it here.

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Emporio Armani
Giorgio Armani
Very sharp, this cologne blends spices, aromatic woods and musk. Armani comes in a sleek black design. This is a great gift for him and her, as the company offers cologne and perfume to both genders.

Recommended for daytime. Great for the office or business meetings, Emporio Armani is actually perfect for the bachelor, as its unique scent will make any woman turn her head for a second whiff. Buy it here.
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Polo Sport
Ralph Lauren
Another woman's favorite, this one is similar to Cool Water, but is admittedly far less spicy. Polo Sport is a refreshing amber fragrance that blends sporty florals.

Recommended for daytime. In fact, this is a perfect cologne to take with you on a trip to a ski resort. It is very cool and has the natural ability to help your breathing on the slopes -- and your chances off of them. Buy it here.
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Le Male
Jean Paul Gaultier
Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male comes in a very nice bottle and packs a punch. Le Male is a sweet and woody fragrance with a hint of mint, and a dash of orange and lavender to smooth it out. The cologne is perfect for the winter time when you need somebody to warm you up.

Recommended for daytime. The sweet scent makes it the perfect cologne for daytime outings. But because of its sweet aroma, go easy on the cologne. The women who like it, however, will definitely not get enough of your, hmm, its sweetness. Buy it here.
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Who Dressses Voldo?


This Man is blind, DANGEROUS, AND Horrifyingly Flexible ;WHO THE FUCK DRESSES Voldo??????????!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another DS redesign?

Yea, yea, yea, I know this is sort of old news to people, and it's just a rumor... but c'mon now how many Nintendo rumors have been proven incorrect now a days, and plus this one just tickles me (yea, I said it)... but yea this one says that the redesign is already done and that it is thinner, has no GBA port, on board storage (I hope there's an SD card slot somewhere there) and larger screens...

Now I'd frown on the loss of the GBA port, being that there's already a few DS games that use the slot for add on's or some features, but I guess this is it's time to go, and time to place the whole Game Boy game collection on the Virtual Console (in the form of an emulated Super Game Boy and the Game Boy Player) and hopefully we can see a portable version of the Virtual Console because of the internal memory.

I guess nows a good time for me to not upgrade from my Phat DS to a DS Lite. (All I need is a firmware update to get Mii characters on my DS)


Once agan Datel saves the day

Just when I thought I was at the limit and I'd never be able to hack my [Slim] PSP, Datel comes along and makes a slew of items I can buy to do just that...

But I only need one of these two, so I'll post em

Battery Service Tool

The battery service Tool just turns any of your PSP batteries into a Pandoras Battery and back

MAX Power Tool

and the MAX Power Tool is an already made Pandora's Battery that won't function as anything else (I'm guessing they made a version of that trick where you open the battery up and break one of the connectors on the circuit board)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Post Secrets

Post secrets is a website that a friend of mines(Dwayne)stumbled upon some weeks ago were people living in america send in post cards about secrets. some of the secrets range from the simplest things like "I put a booger on my brothers back" to "I have a son that i gave up for adoption and he has aids but i never told the doctors". go check it out ^__-
here are some of the post cards some people sent in:

What Sony needs for the PSP and PS3

Ok, here's my list of features I'd love to see in future PSP and PS3 firmware updates

1) Playstation Network for PSP: Now it's sad how Sony has the ability to place two consoles on the same online network and hesitates to do so. I wanna play Burnout against PS3 and PSP owners, I wanna fight in Tekken against someone behind a tv.
They have this now. ^_^

2) Friends & Messaging for PSP: Now I seriously don't know what the hell a Go!Messenger is, it sounds nice, but once again Sony makes a dumb move and decides that PSPs should only communicate with PSPs. Do they seriously think that having the ability to chat with PS3 owners is something PSP owners don't want?

3) Playstation Store for PSP: Now I know this is possible on the PSP, mainly because I've downloaded game demos with the web browser, and yes it takes long but it should take less times without something rendering HTML, CSS, Javascript and Flash. Not that much less, but less. Also I wanna see some original downloadable content for the PSP not just PS1 games.
They have this now. ^_^

4) Playstation 2 games online: Now by this I don't mean the PS2 games that had online support before playable online via the PS3, I mean all games in a co-operative mode, something like Remote Play but with a PS2 game and through video streaming to a PS3 and/or PSP. Something where I can go online and send messages to a bunch of friends to play against them in Guilty Gear Isuka, where one of them is playing on a PSP and through an extra menu, I can set who's console controls what controller.

5) Homebrew Development: Here's one that I find Sony to be fools for not making ages ago on the PSP or PS3. Easily they could just make a section on your console that plays home made games from your hard drive or memory stick, and limit developers on what they can do by the same thing Sony used on the Other OS feature in the PS3, hypervisors, you know to stop developers from making viruses or games that could compete with existing titles power wise. I just want to see Google Talk for PSP/PS3 or see IR Shell on a non-custom firmware PSP.

Thats all I have on my list, post a feature you'd like to see in the comments.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gotta love......

Done by me-kXk

Playstation 4 backwards compatibility?

Ok, so apparently there's a rumor going around that Sony is looking for a software engineer to make backwards compatibility (PS3, PS2, PS1 and suprisingly PSP games) for their next gen console, now I'm like WTF?! mainly because they said the PS3 will be around for 10 years, so why work on a PS4? I'm taking a guess that Sony has come across something that could rival the Wii and decided to start working on it now to speed things up for later (a controller mabye) which I could just say this is all another hoax, but it would make sense (especially with the progress being made in the brain wave controller department) and it'd be smart to throw in PSP on that list, it'd make the PS4's complete game library pretty large, consisting of thousands upon thousands of games.

My only thought is if Sony has stumbled upon something worth working on now, what is Nintendo doing? (Remember they have a list of investments and patents lying around for future use like, Floor Vision, Holograms, etc...)


Monday, January 7, 2008

Hot GemStones/Lupe Vid

Ok this video is sick, I've heard the song on Imeem weeks before and thought it was pretty hot, but this added on to that alot for me. When Gemini (GemStones) had released Got What You Need on My Block Chicago, I had seriously slept on the dude but this track changed all of that for me.