Friday, December 5, 2008

Madonna for LV

Madonna in a Louis Vuiton ad (still looking sexy)

J-Horra - Freestyle

Old, but I just felt like posting this.
(Produced, Recorded and Engineered by D.Victor by the way)


Kanye Makes Kid Famous

"A concertgoer threw a penny onstage at Kanye West while he performed in Melbourne, Australia on Friday night." - Perez Hiltion

YouTube HD

First widescreen, now HD

Tweaking Friend Connect

I'm playing around with the Friend Connect features trying to figure out how to get my Join button to do what this blogs [join button] does (it lets you join and follow at the same time).

Edit: I figured it out.

And I'm working on some other undisclosed features for our new Friend Connect powered blog.

Edit #2: Don't mind my Friend Connect clones (I swear I have OCD or something).