Wednesday, April 22, 2009

L-Yet - Deception

I've been planning to post one of his songs up here one day, I just needed the right time, so now is better than any since he just fell under the ASMG umbrella.


Testing something out, for some new features

(^This has nothing to do with my work, I just never used the ChatBack feature of Google Talk and am curious to see if anyone messages me)

(^And this has nothing to do with my blog, I just thought I'd keep this here as a bookmark for later)

I still own about three of these

Disqus Comments

In order to push this blog to being more social, I've decided to switch the existing comment system to Disqus.

Honestly I wanted to avoid this as there's a strong possibility Google will jump into the whole commenting arena, and update Bloggers comment system using Friend Connect, but they're taking too long and I'm anxious to try something new.

I won't say this form of commenting will be permanent as I may run of to using something better, so consider this test #1 of a series of experiments based on bringing a small community of mine into this blog.

EDIT: Just dropped Disqus in favor of JS-Kit.