Sunday, December 14, 2008

The evolution of the Neptunes

These guys technically rule the planet.

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History repeating itself

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New Final Fantasy XIII Trailers

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Mugen returning?

Snooping around the web I came across this.

For Mugen fans this site returning means a lot, because this is a site that has been down for a very long time (since 03). To explain this is the site belonging to the creators of Mugen. Elecbyte.

Apparently in the F.A.Q. section of the site they mention plans to release an "uncrippled" version of Windows Mugen and then get to work on a version of Mugen with a brand new engine that contains "major format changes" so major they break compatibility with the old mugen.

I guess this makes my last post not seem like news anymore, from the looks of it we may see a fighting game engine war between Windows Mugen, the new "major format changing" Mugen, ShugenDo and Infinity Cat. What would make this more interesting is if Enterbrain announced a new Fighter Maker.


Basically a next-gen Mugen (if you know what that is)

(Side note: How many times have I heard this song in a YouTube video?)

So far alot has been displayed and this project is promising. With lots of new effects and features (my favorites being Scale2x, hq2x and network support).

But I still have that feeling that this should be made open-source.