Friday, November 28, 2008

Cardboard Art

I'd post a whole lot more if I was the original poster.

You can find the rest at WebUrbanist.


Cave Story Wii

lol, it's kind of sad just updated and they (in my opinion) did a better job than the US site.

For example the Portable ID for the US site looks like this

and the Portable ID for the UK site looks like this

The UK portable ID has a feature to mention what your favorite console is and your current mood (as displayed above), and the site states that "the Portable ID will evolve to include Trophies and achievements, so keep an eye on for updates." It's a bit sad, I can understand the US gets the games first and what not and that Sony UK has to try a bit harder to show that they're worth something but this is a no brainer that the US site should've had down already (I guess I ask for too much from these guys).

Cloud vs Sephiroth

I've got to say the one impressive thing about Dissidia is that it makes me want to play as the old school NES/SNES Final Fantasy characters more than the PlayStation generation of Final Fantasy characters.