Sunday, January 20, 2008

What Sony needs for the PSP and PS3

Ok, here's my list of features I'd love to see in future PSP and PS3 firmware updates

1) Playstation Network for PSP: Now it's sad how Sony has the ability to place two consoles on the same online network and hesitates to do so. I wanna play Burnout against PS3 and PSP owners, I wanna fight in Tekken against someone behind a tv.
They have this now. ^_^

2) Friends & Messaging for PSP: Now I seriously don't know what the hell a Go!Messenger is, it sounds nice, but once again Sony makes a dumb move and decides that PSPs should only communicate with PSPs. Do they seriously think that having the ability to chat with PS3 owners is something PSP owners don't want?

3) Playstation Store for PSP: Now I know this is possible on the PSP, mainly because I've downloaded game demos with the web browser, and yes it takes long but it should take less times without something rendering HTML, CSS, Javascript and Flash. Not that much less, but less. Also I wanna see some original downloadable content for the PSP not just PS1 games.
They have this now. ^_^

4) Playstation 2 games online: Now by this I don't mean the PS2 games that had online support before playable online via the PS3, I mean all games in a co-operative mode, something like Remote Play but with a PS2 game and through video streaming to a PS3 and/or PSP. Something where I can go online and send messages to a bunch of friends to play against them in Guilty Gear Isuka, where one of them is playing on a PSP and through an extra menu, I can set who's console controls what controller.

5) Homebrew Development: Here's one that I find Sony to be fools for not making ages ago on the PSP or PS3. Easily they could just make a section on your console that plays home made games from your hard drive or memory stick, and limit developers on what they can do by the same thing Sony used on the Other OS feature in the PS3, hypervisors, you know to stop developers from making viruses or games that could compete with existing titles power wise. I just want to see Google Talk for PSP/PS3 or see IR Shell on a non-custom firmware PSP.

Thats all I have on my list, post a feature you'd like to see in the comments.