Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Awesome PSP Radio

Ok, we all know that the PSP has an internet radio feature with the ability to play Shoutcast and Icecast streams.

A site has created what I must say is the best Internet Radio hack I've seen thus far consisting of being able to update itself and having it's own on screen keyboard to replace the built in one by Sony, along with being able to search for music and play individual songs and MSN messenger (though I myself prefer Google Talk, this is just extra). Just point your PSPs internet browser to that site and download the files required.

This is all based on the work of PSP hacker FreePlay, you can get his PSP internet radio hack here.

Oh and don't worry you don't need hacked PSPs to run these. ^_^

(Web Designer Comment: Man I hate the design of the official PSP site, one long ass load time for a flash animation consisting of just a picture of a PSP for all that this could've been done in XHTML, CSS and FLASH)