Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Utada Hikaru & Kingdom Hearts 3

UTADA HIKARU, originally uploaded by rokugatsu1490.

UTADA HIKARU, originally uploaded and edited by rokugatsu1490 aka Kamikaze XK

Will she do it again?
Is a question that many fans of both Utada and Kingdom Hearts are wondering about whether or not she will do the theme song for another Kingdom Heart game. There have been reports that she might not, but I think that's just some trying to make news. Although no official word has come either Utada Hikaru or Square Enix, I feel like its more than likely going to happen.

Now at one point I thought maybe she will come out with her new English album/ song for kingdom hearts wile Kingdom Hearts 3 the game was out. That way Square Enix and Utada Hikaru can both promote each others project. But according to her blog, her English album is coming out late 2009. Too bad it would have been great advertising, her song would be on T.v. commercials, which may have become a even bigger ear worm than Simple and Clean. They would also have a face to put with the song as , her single would be played on music and on radio station, thus getting her the publicity she needs to become a big name in the U.S.