Tuesday, May 5, 2009

JS-Kit Comments

Ok, so I betrayed Disqus, and to mention first I actually liked Disqus.

So my reason... JS-Kit integrates with Blogger better. Comments with JS-Kit become comments in Bloggers built in commenting system which is a plus for me.

So if/when I remove JS-Kit from this blog. All of the comments stay.

Plus JS-Kit also has Facebook Connect support just like Disqus and it uses my own API key, meaning that I keep the same number of Facebook users, no changes.

Plus JS-Kit is easier for me to customize (and I'm a big fan of that).

And last, I'm confident that Bloggers existing commenting system and comment API will be updated in the future to better compete with these products and to push Blogger into being more of a social network (and I think it has something to do with Friend Connect) so I'd rather add something that won't cripple this site once that happens.