Saturday, February 2, 2008

No More Heroes Could Have Rocked The 360's World [No More Heroes]

No More Heroes is shaping up to be one of the biggest games for the Wii this year. Thing is, it wasn't always going to be that way. When first coming up with the idea of a sandbox-styled action game, creator Goichi Suda figured it'd be best suited to the 360, not the Wii. Makes sense, it would have looked better and they could have crammed more stuff in there. But then along came the Wii.

Originally, I'd wanted to make this game for Xbox 360, actually. [Marvelous Interactive boss] Wada-san had information about the new Wii and how the new controller would work before it came out, so that's why he thought I should produce the game on that format.

At the time, I didn't really understand why, but after seeing and understanding how it works, I think it was a good choice and the controller works really well with the game. From what I've played I wouldn't say it worked really well, but yeah, it works well. Definitely one of the more appropriate games on the console when it comes to motion control.
No More Heroes began life on 360, says developer [MCV]
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