Friday, November 20, 2009

Silverlight 4 rundown

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Honestly if I wasn't such a web nerd, I'd swear from the first few things they mentioned about being "converted over to the Microsoft minions" and being a "Silverlight evangelist", I'd swear this was some colt introduction video.

But aside from that, Silverlight 4 is awesome boasting a 200% speed increase and a lot of new features such as multi-touch, camera and microphone access, drag and drop, copy and paste, right-click and mouse wheel support, app notifications, the ability to call external programs for tasks like editing documents or sending e-mails, the ability to read and write files (though limited to the MyDocuments, MyMusic, MyPictures and MyVideos folders or non-windows equivalents), the ability to access devices and other system capabilities (like grabbing files from a USB drive), and the ability to place HTML right in your Silverlight application.

Now all Silverlight needs is hardware accelerated 3D and support for joystick input.