Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Internet Explorer 9

(Finally I get to embed Silverlight videos in this blog)

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Ok, so Microsoft announced that they're working on Internet Explorer 9, which they only started on 3 weeks ago so it's not very far yet, but already it's faster than Firefox 3.5 (still doesn't beat Chrome 3 in speed though). Best of all though, it already supports all CSS selectors and has support for border radius, and they plan to have this iteration pass the Acid 3 test which means faster javascript and SVG support.

Now all they have to do is support the CSS media queries, transitions, transforms and opacity, the audio and video tags (which they've talked about supporting) and Canvas.

This really made my day.

(Source: Ajaxian)