Friday, September 25, 2009

Google Chrome Frame

I've been waiting for something like this for ages (I'm not alone), and now Google provides it.
There's a lot of talk though, and people don't get the point.

I keep hearing "this is stupid, why would anyone want this, they should just install Chrome instead".

This isn't exactly for users, but more for developers, there are users who either don't know anything about web browsers (i.e. the ones who think that blue "e" means internet), people who can't because they're at work/school, or people who just don't want to because they're afraid to try anything new on a computer, etc...

Internet Explorer has been holding back the web for ages, and this is just a small work around for certain features such as the canvas tag, the audio and video tags, SVG support, faster javascript and faster rendering of websites altogether.

And with future updates to Chrome and WebKit coming such as the O3D plugin built in, Native Client plugin built in, WebGL, and the long overdue updates to Gears (camera support, microphone support, file system access, image manipulation, etc), etc... Chrome Frame will look more and more like an advanced, open standard and open source version of the Flash and Silverlight plugins.

They're not trying to push this as a substitute to using Chrome, they're just trying to keep Internet Explorer (especially IE6) from slowing down adoption of HTML5 and new web technologies.

Which is all apart of Googles plan, gain more supporters of the web as a platform by enabling it everywhere.

(BTW, I added Chrome Frame support to this site just for fun. ^_^)