Sunday, January 11, 2009

lol, all of a sudden I'm a promoter

So I've been listening to stuff from this producer Charlie Hilton ( and I've got to say this dude is down right nice, beautiful production all around (lol, he's definetely better than me) though he's mostly on that deep heartfelt rap and RnB stuff, cool stuff regardless, everyone has their seat, and he makes his look like it's been vacant for him this whole time.

Then there's this other guy, NOVA he's a rapper with a style that is weird amalgamation of Jay-Z and Andre 3000 with a Kanye swagger to it (if it's even right to compare him to anybody) a self promoted alien to the current shape of the industry this guy definitely belongs in someones iPod and more so belongs to be heard, I'm not too sure about radio only because his music is all over the place (one song sounds like A and another sounds like B, if you get what I'm saying) but there are already artists like that out and they're great and I bet this guy may even out do them.

I wish my label was important enough for me to say I'd sign them, but I'm not conceited and I know my current place (my time will come, lol).

I was going to post more artists/producers, but I think they may just pop up here later on anyways, so I'll hold out on them.

(Don't you just love the way I place links all throughout my text)