Friday, October 31, 2008

Things I want to happen during the time left in this year

1. Sony releases a firmware update for PSP owners that add the Friends category from the PS3 and adds the ability to add/remove friends and send messages to friends.

2. Google opens up their OpenID service to all websites.

3. The Zoho Suite fixes their support of Googles OpenID service.

4. Yahoo releases their Y!OS.

5. Myspace finally releases their OpenID service.

6. OpenSocial spec 1.0 is released.

7. Imeem finally releases their OpenSocial application platform.

8. Google Android gets ported to by hackers (maybe the PSP).

9. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is released (I'm sorry, I've become addicted to my PSP, and I feel bad because now I'm neglecting my DS).

10. Barack Obama gets elected president