Monday, February 18, 2008

I'd rather eat plane food .................

There was a news article in the Daily News about New York City's new Meal Plan for Inmates at Rikers and soon to be All NYC jails and all i can say is HAHA!!! TO THE DUMBASSES WHO THOUGHT THEY WAS HARD AND KILLED, MUGGED OR RAPED ANYONE AND GOT LOCKED UP FOR IT!!!!AKA tWEETY, Gay voice:how you do-in?
anyways the following is a sample of what they have to eat now

Fresh Fruit
Wheat flakes
Corn muffin
Whole wheat bread(Four Slices)
Trans fat-free Margarine
Reduced fat or skin milk

Brown Gravy(??)
Candied yams
Steamed greens
Whole wheat bread (four slices)
Trans fat-free margarine
Fruit drink


Pepper steak
Steamed carrots
Whole wheat bread (four slices)
Fresh fruit

wow that sucks, oh well; its a smart move to deter people away from committing crimes that will end them up in jail or because they want to end up in jail because they want some food
Alot of people who live in NYC and want to lose weight should start committing crimes if they want a new way to lose weight. -kXk